Putting on the Seresto collar is easy and requires just a few steps:

1. Loosen the collar by attaching the two end pieces together. The more you loosen the collar, the larger it becomes.

2. Place your dog’s neck inside the circle of the collar and place it around their neck snuggly, ensuring that it does not pinch or rub hard against their skin; tightening or loosening as needed for comfort.

3. Once you have placed it around your pup’s neck make sure that both ends are slightly overlapping at one point to form a complete ring without any gaps. It is also important to make sure that one side of the collar does not overlap significantly with the other side–the fit should be snug and comfortable for your pet with about two finger-widths of space between the collar and their skin; enough so that you can slip two fingers in between without difficulty.

4. Last but not least, cut off any remaining length if necessary then, as per manufacturer instructions, verify frequently (at least every 5 days) that your pet’s Seresto Collar remains secure and fits properly; adjust sizing only when necessary after checking against manufacturer instructions regularly.. Your pet is now ready to experience effective flea & tick protection!

Measure the collar size: Start by measuring your pet’s neck for a perfect fit.

Measuring the collar size is an essential step for getting the perfect fit of a Seresto collar. Start by using a fabric measure, a piece of string, or even just your hands to measure your pet’s neck. It is important to make sure that you give yourself enough allowance for comfort and that the collar isn’t too tight.

Once you have your measurement, add two extra inches and make sure this is the correct size before purchase. You should be able to fit two fingers comfortably between your pet’s skin and the Seresto collar once it has tick collars for small dogs been put on them. If the collar feels too tight or loose, you may need to adjust accordingly.

The Seresto collar fits within 8″ – 28″ with five sets of adjustable holes so that you can ensure that it fits your pet perfectly!

Remove excess length: Cut off any excess length, leaving 5 inches of overlap.

When applying a Seresto collar, it is important to ensure that it fits correctly. To do so, you’ll need to cut off any excess length after putting the collar on your pet. To do this properly, leave at least 5 inches of overlap between the end of the collar and the beginning of your pet’s back.

This step is crucial because having more than 5 inches of excess length can cause discomfort or even cause injury to your pet if they get caught in something while wearing it.

Once you have measured and cut off any extra length you don’t need to worry as the collar will not shrink over time due to its water-resistant design. If however you notice that the fit is becoming loose later down the line then simply use scissors to trim away more material as necessary. Making sure that there is still 5 inches of overlap which provides the necessary protection for your pet at all times!

Secure the ends together: Place the ends through the plastic buckle and press down firmly to secure.

Putting on a Seresto collar is easy and straightforward. To do it, start by orienting the collar so that the seresto logo is visible and the “treated” side of the collar is facing outward. The treated side should also be touching your pet’s fur. Next, place the ends of the collar through the plastic buckle and press down firmly. This will securely fasten them together and prevents your pet from taking off or getting tangled in their collar. Be sure to leave about two fingers worth of extra room for your pet to comfortably move around without feeling overly restricted. Finally, check to make sure that the plastic clasp is securely latched by tugging gently on both ends of the collar. That’s it–you’ve now successfully put on a Seresto Collar!

Check for proper fit: Make sure there’s enough space to fit two fingers between the collar and your pet’s neck.

Whenever you put the Seresto collar on your pet, you need to check for proper fit. This is important because there must be enough space between the collar and your pet’s neck to fit two fingers. If too tight in any way it could cause discomfort or even choking.

To measure, start by sliding two fingers between the top side of the collar and your pet’s neck towards their chin. Then feel along their neck direction to ensure that it is loose enough all around. If you feel it tighten as you go, then it might be too tight and will need adjustment before going on a walk or other activity.

If the Seresto collar does not seem big enough for your pet, there are size options available so that you can get a snug but comfortable fit all around them. You may want to consult with an expert if the collar still does not seem to fit properly on your individual pet; this will help ensure safety and comfort for them during use!

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